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CHART ONLY- Caddy not included

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4.75 in X 10.75 in   (Chart)


  • Chart printed in color on cardstock, laminated, with white Velcro® strips

Benefits of the PBS Helper Job Chart:

  • Encourages children to independently accomplish their tasks
  • Reduces the need for multiple reminders
  • Easily encourages children to be involved in the daily tasks around the home
  • With the ability to flip images over, children gain greater sense of satisfaction and completion
  • Customizable to your family's needs

 Product Features:

  • Kid-friendly images (adapted and designed by a speech-language pathologist)
  • Pieces are water proof
  • Swap "chores" on and off chart as needed
  • Clear Velcro® on front/back of each image so child can flip over, signaling “completion”
  • Easily reset chart for the next day by flipping images back over
  • A "caddy" is included for storing any images not in use, keeping them organized and protected
  • Customizable:
    • Place images in any order you choose
    • Use only the images you need, store others in the "caddy"
    • The “Blank” image is provided so you can create a custom activity/event if needed
  • Chart comes in a variety of colors