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Benefits of the PBS Daily Schedule:

  • Child’s day becomes more predictable, which can ease anxiety, improve focus, and prevent some undesired behaviors
  • Makes abstract time concepts such as first, next, and last more concrete
  • With the ability to flip images over, children gain greater sense of satisfaction and completion
  • Encourages children to independently accomplish their tasks
  • Reduces the need for multiple reminders
  • Easily encourage children to be involved in how their day is planned

 Product Features:

  • Kid-friendly images (adapted and designed by a speech-language pathologist)
  • Clear Velcro® on front/back of each image so child can flip over, signaling “completion”
  • Easily reset chart for the next day by flipping images back over
  • A "caddy" is included for storing any images not in use, keeping them organized and protected
  • Customizable
    • Place images in any order you choose
    • Use only the images you need, store others in the "caddy"
    • The “Blank” image is provided so you can create a custom activity/event if needed
  • Flexibility for unexpected changes
    • The “Different, but it’s OK” image is provided to help communicate unexpected schedule changes to your child
  • Plastic pouch included can be used to protect products while traveling
  • Chart comes in a variety of colors

"A-La-Carte Pieces" Section

Want more of a certain picture, or want pictures for therapies, holidays, sports, etc.? Visit our A-La-Carte Pieces Section!


7.4 in X 13.9 in   (Chart)
1.4 in X 1.4 in   (Images)
8.6 in X 11.25 in   (Image caddy)


  • Chart and Caddy: printed in color on cardstock, laminated, with white Velcro® strips
  • Images: printed double sided in color on cardstock, laminated, and feature clear Velcro® on front and back

Included Images:

  1. Try to Go (Restroom) | X 3
  2. Medicine/Vitamins
  3. Read
  4. Pray
  5. Helper Jobs (Chores)
  6. Wake-Up Routine
  7. Lunch
  8. Dinner
  9. Snack | X 2
  10. Nap 
  11. Play with Toys | X 2
  12. School
  13. Bedtime Routine
  14. Watch A Show
  15. Tablet
  16. Not Sure
  17. Special Activity
  18. Quiet Time
  19. Different, But It's Ok
  20. Grocery Store
  21. Stores/Errands
  22. Playground
  23. Zoo
  24. Children's Museum
  25. Church
  26. Library
  27. Drive-Thru
  28. Restaurant
  29. Haircut
  30. Doctor
  31. Dentist
  32. Movie Theater
  33. Fix Car
  34. Home
  35. Play Outside
  36. Go On A Walk
  37. Friend Come Over
  38. Go To Friend's House
  39. Art
  40. Bike Ride
  41. Babysitter
  42. Come Back
  43. With Dad
  44. With Mom
  45. Trip
  46. Blank (Can make it say what you want)
  47. Mom/Dad Trip
  48. No School
  49. Grandparent Time


  • No hanging hardware is included
  • Small parts, adult supervision required