Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)
Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)
Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)
Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)
Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)
Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)

Helper Job Charts (3 Charts - Pick Your Colors)

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  • 3 Helper Job Charts
  • 1 Helper Job Caddy with 31 pieces
    *To differentiate children's charts that are the same color, use differing stickers or write their name on the side of the chart

Benefits of the PBS Helper Job Chart:

  • Encourages children to independently accomplish their tasks
  • Reduces the need for multiple reminders
  • Easily encourages children to be involved in the daily tasks around the home
  • With the ability to flip images over, children gain greater sense of satisfaction and completion
  • Customizable to your family's needs

 Product Features:

  • Kid-friendly images (adapted and designed by a speech-language pathologist)
  • Pieces are water proof
  • Swap "chores" on and off chart as needed
  • Clear Velcro® on front/back of each image so child can flip over, signaling “completion”
  • Easily reset chart for the next day by flipping images back over
  • A "caddy" is included for storing any images not in use, keeping them organized and protected
  • Customizable:
    • Place images in any order you choose
    • Use only the images you need, store others in the "caddy"
    • The “Blank” image is provided so you can create a custom activity/event if needed
  • Chart comes in a variety of colors

"A-La-Carte Pieces" Section
Want more of a certain picture, or want pictures for pets, plants, seasonal, etc.? Visit our A-La-Carte Picture Pieces Section (just filter by "Chores")!

Reward Chart?
Want to turn your Helper Job Chart into a reward chart? Add these rewards to your cart from the Schedule A-La-Carte Section!


4.75 in X 10.75 in   (Charts)
1.4 in X 1.4 in   (Images)
8.6 in X 11.25 in   (Image caddy)


  • Chart and Caddy: printed in color on cardstock, laminated, with white Velcro® strips
  • Images: printed double sided in color on cardstock, laminated, and feature clear Velcro® on front and back

Included Picture Pieces:
Includes over 30 Picture Pieces! Please see photos for a list of included images and feel free to visit our Picture Piece Comparison Chart to see included images across all our products.


  • No hanging hardware is included
  • Small parts, adult supervision required

Customer Reviews

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Relaxing Morning

So I got my package yesterday!!! The kids and I went through it and I can’t believe how excited they were to pick all their jobs!!! Even my 3 year old! I explained it to them and said we are starting tomorrow (we ordered routine pieces to help with morning and bedtime tasks). So this morning my oldest (7 yr boy, 2nd grade) doesn’t like school has bad anxiety about going every morning. So needless to say most mornings are a struggle. This is the first morning in along time that was so relaxing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ he was dressed, ate, teeth & hair brushed, fed the dogs and made his bed 10 minutes before we had to leave!! And I DIDN'T even say a word!!! He even wanted to start his afternoon chore! Lol 🤩🥳😁😄 you have no idea how ecstatic I am!! I have been in an amazing mood all day just because our morning was stress free!!! And the excitement continued after school today!! My daughter was all about her chores!! And my son even cleaned my daughters room while she was taking a bath. Thank you so much!!!