Wake-Up & Bedtime Routines (Custom Color)
Wake-Up & Bedtime Routines (Custom Color)

Wake-Up & Bedtime Routines (Custom Color)

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Benefits of the PBS Wake-Up/Bedtime Routine Charts:

  • Each task/activity become much more predictable for the child
  • Can help child to stay on task and prevent undesired behaviors commonly exhibited during these times of the day
  • Encourages children to independently accomplish their tasks without multiple reminders
  • Makes abstract time concepts such as first, next, and last more concrete
  • With the ability to flip images over, children gain greater sense of satisfaction and completion

 Product Features:

  • Wake-Up and Bedtime charts are 2 separate charts
  • Place each chart where the activities happen
    • i.e. Wake-Up chart in the kitchen; Bedtime chart in the child's bath/bedroom
  • Kid-friendly images
    • Adapted and designed by a speech-language pathologist
  • Clear Velcro® on front/back of each image
    • Child can flip images over, signaling “completion”
    • Easily reset chart for next day by flipping images back over
  • Plastic pouch included can be used to protect products while traveling
  • Charts comes in a variety of colors

"A-La-Carte Pieces" Section

Want a piece for floss, mouthwash, lotion, or more of a certain picture, etc.? Visit our A-La-Carte Pieces Section!


4.25 in X 10.25 in   (Wake-Up chart)
4.25 in X 10.25 in   (Bedtime chart)
1.4 in X 1.4 in   (Images)


  • CHARTS: printed in color on cardstock, laminated, and each have two strips of soft Velcro®
  • IMAGES: printed double sided in color on cardstock, laminated, and features clear Velcro®  on front and back

Included Images: 

Includes 20 Picture Pieces! Please see photos for a list of included images and feel free to visit our Picture Piece Comparison Chart to see included images across all our products.


  • No hanging hardware is included
  • Small parts, adult supervision required