Why Are Visual Tools So Important?


We all use visual tools everyday without ever really thinking about it. How often do you use emojis when you text? When walking through the airport how quickly do you look for the restroom picture?

Visual tools range from brand recognition (the “swoosh” for Nike), to street signs (the crosswalk sign), to Ikea assembly instructions (only done using pictures)!

Pictures last longer than words so visual tools, like picture schedules and charts help individuals remember tasks, know what's expected, calm their worries, and transition through their day or week. 

Common Behaviors Our Tools Help With:

      • Tantrums
      • Aggression (hitting, biting, yelling)
      • Anxiety (separation, new situations, etc.)
      • Defiance
      • Whining
      • Routines (mornings, night, school, etc.)
      • Transitions
        • Moving
        • New siblings
        • New school (year)
        • End of school year
        • Vacations
        • Parent(s) going on a trip
        • Divorce/separation


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