What We Do

What We Do

    We offer on-site preschool consulting to help teachers and administrators add effective visual tools to the classroom as well as problem solve difficult behavior

    Public Speaking
    We partner with parent groups, schools, and organizations to present on a variety of topics related to preschool speech and behavior impacts, how to use visual schedules, etc. 

    Visual Tools
    We design, make, and sell visual tools that empower children by giving them independence and predictability which in turn promotes calmness and learning



      • Visual schedules and aides
      • Helper job/chore charts
      • Lunch Ideas Printable
      • And more! 



      Common Behaviors Our Tools Help With:

          • Tantrums
          • Aggression (hitting, biting, yelling)
          • Anxiety (separation, new situations, etc.)
          • Defiance
          • Whining
          • Routines (mornings, night, school, etc.)
          • Transitions
            • moving
            • new siblings
            • new school year
            • end of school year
            • vacations
            • parents going on a trip
            • divorce

        Why are Visual Tools so important?


        We all use visual tools everyday without ever really thinking about it. They range from brand recognition (the “swoosh” for Nike), to street signs (the crosswalk sign), to Ikea assembly instructions! If visuals help adults who CAN read, think how much more they can help children who CANNOT read, and who mainly learn by what they see.

         Check out our Visual Tool offerings in the shop!