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Why Are Visual Tools Important?
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What Age Is Good To Start Using Visuals?

Our products are recommended for people ages 18 months through adulthood. Children who can recognize pictures and/or can follow at least one step directions (typically developmental age 18 months-2 years old) are at a great age to start! 

Is My Child Too Old?
Think of how often you respond to a text with an emoji. Even as adults we prefer to use pictures when we can. Children of all ages, and even some adults, use our schedules. You know your child and would know best.
For older children (late elementary and older) we recommend a Helper Job Chart and/or a Wake-Up & Bedtime Routine set. If your child is involved in multiple activities each week you might also want a Weekly Schedule.

Should I Get Multiple Charts?
It depends on your family's needs and preferences. If your children have different bedtimes we suggest each child having their own Wake-up and Bedtime Routine Charts. Some families share their schedules and charts when their children's schedules differ by only a couple items. To differentiate the picture pieces between children you can: tag picture pieces that pertain to a particular child by using a different small sticker in the corner (i.e. child 1 has picture pieces with a blue star, and child 2 has picture pieces with a green star, etc.), use a sharpie to write their initials in the corner of the pictures, or use different color sharpies to draw different icons to differentiate picture pieces between children. 
If your children have more than three differing activities you might want to consider each child having their own chart. 

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  • Wake-Up & Bedtime Routine Sets
  • Daily Schedules
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Helper Job Charts
  • Bundles
  • Add-ons
    • A-La-Carte Picture Pieces
    • Picture Packs
    • Extra Caddy Pages
    • Gift Cards


Read below to learn more and see which product(s) might be helpful for your family. 


The Wake-Up and Bedtime Routine Set is helpful
for children of all ages who can follow at least one step
directions and would benefit from smoother mornings
and bedtimes. If you're just starting out, a Routine set
is a great place to start.


The Daily Schedule helps children know what
they can anticipate in an entire day from morning
to night. Each Daily Schedule can fit up to 14 picture pieces 
and you can always add Helper Job picture pieces (chores)
to begin to incorporate helper jobs into your child's day.


 The Weekly Schedule helps children see what their entire week will look like. It may be a regular week, or there may be something different, like a trip or school holiday, either way your child will be able to anticipate their days.

The weekly schedule is helpful for families who have
multiple activities throughout the week, where several
days looks different than the rest. You can also add
holidays, weekend chores, therapies, and extracurricular 
activities to your chart by visiting the Picture Pieces Section.   


The Helper Job Chart is your answer to your family's
chore chart. It's simple and flexible so you don't have to
keep up with a bunch of check marks across all the days.
Have pets or want additional helper jobs? Check out our
Picture Pieces section! (*tip- filter the list by "Chores/Helper
Jobs") Turn it into a reward chart by adding reward picture
 so after your child completes a certain number of
tasks he/she can then do a preferred activity, like play with
toys or watch a show. 





Don't forget to check out our Picture Pieces section where
you can find over 180+ different picture pieces. You can
order as many as you like (make sure you order extra caddy
 if you need to)! You'll find pieces for holidays, 
extracurriculars, therapies, personal care, etc. *Filter the
page to make searching easier. Add them easily to your
order by clicking on the cart icon on each picture and then
you can make your charts work perfectly for YOU! 


Each caddy page can store 35 picture pieces.
The Daily Caddy has 16 extra spaces, the Weekly Caddy
has 24 extra spaces, and the Helper Job Caddy has
4 extra spaces. 



Picture packs are a way to get a discount on commonly bundled picture pieces.




At a discounted price, a Schedule Pack includes a Routine
set, Daily Schedule, Weekly Schedule, and all the
corresponding picture caddies. 


At a discounted price, a Kid Command Center includes
everything in the Schedule Pack plus a Helper Job Chart
and corresponding picture caddy.


What Picture Pieces Are Included?

Curious what picture pieces are included with each chart?
View our Picture Piece Comparison Chart page. 


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